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I just want to say thankyou to Kearnie for all of his help and just being such a great guy. He means so much to me and i wish he was closer. I wub him muchly <3

In other news....
Well not alot really. Its finaly starting to feel like summer and im off down to the beach to hang out on saturday.
On Sunday i dragged my mum into H&M and perswaded her to buy me a really cute purple cordroy blazer/jacket thing. Result!
Also a little plea, if anyone knows where i can by a pair of checkerd shoes, kind of converse all star style but cheaper and not hightops.
Im off to see Piebald, Audio Karate, My Awesome Compelation and M.C Lars tommorow night and i havnt heard barely anything by any of the bands. Does anyone know if there actualy any good??
Ohh woot ive completed the levle on rollercoaster tycoon i can go to my next park
.... im such a dork
Siobhan xx<3
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-Im Sorry-

For those of you who have been reading my journal for a while youll know that me and calum have always been up and down and when ive wrote in my journal about him its always been during a down.
Truth is no matter how many times we argue or something he's still such a great friend and i owe him alot. He perswaded me to quit smoking and has helped me through so much shit. Thankyou Calum my lil dude. I owe you a high 7.5 next time i see you.
Siobhan xx<3
P.S Calum get a livejournal acount again ... please
P.P.S Hopefuly he wont mind but heres the email he sent me
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:Everybody's Right,Everybody wins:

I love it when i re-discover the love of a band. Ive been listening to Further Seems Forever so much recently. i feel like id go crazy if i diddnt listen to it everyday. Theres something so moving and uplifting about it.
Siobhan <3
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[x] Aurora Borealis [x]

Heres a lesson that everyone should learn.
Never spill your heart to a guy on msn that you dont know about a guy who you think is using you, Because that guy may turn out to be the guy who you think is using you's best friend. Thats right i spilled my heart about Sean to none other than Seans best friend, does anyone want to kick me for me?
I suppose in a way im glad that the guy was seans friend, he told me alot about Sean and its made me think. Aparantly hes still with his girlfriend but it is true that they barely ever talk, but i also found out that he always cheats on her. I hate to say this but as much as i like him i dont want to be just another girl who he's cheated on his girlfriend with.
This dosn't sound like me atall but, I deserve more than that.
Siobhan xx<3

P.S Thankyou to __coheed for doing my layout i love it muchly
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Arg its 1:42 AM and i cant sleep, im super surprised that theres actualy 24 people on msn at this time. Im so cold and shivery and im not sure what to write.
Today i went down Victoria park with Leah,Adam,Tom,Rosie and Patrick and it was ok i guesse but then i think Tom asked out Rosie or Leah and Leah fancies adam so everyone was like buggering off having private talks and not telling me and Patrick about it so he got pissed off and had a go at me.
Then i came home and everyone was having a go at me and my dad acused me of taking money out of his drawer (like £40.)Id never even be stupid enough to take that amount but there acusing me of it. So i just went upstairs and ive been sleeping since which would explain why im up now
Im gonna go my dads suppost to be leaving for the airport in like 20 mins and i dont want him to catch me down here
Siobhan xx<3
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I havnt updated this thing in ages and i know i should do more.
Ive not been up to too much since i last updated. I know it sounds really stupid but i miss Sean so much, even though i have the feeling he's trying to use me.
Ive been wishing so much i wasnt alone i havnt really been with anyone since Calum and i just miss being snuggled up in someones arms. arg i feel so emo
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